Artist Writings

David Moss: Between Time & Terrain

© David Moss, 1994. All rights reserved.

"Conjure" springs from 2 sources. First, the music world which I have developed over the last 15 years by blending asymmetric rhythms, songs, chants, extreme voices, eccentric percussion/electronic objects. And second, the rhythmic narratives of Italo Calvino which mysteriously (& playfully) re-focus "sound & meaning". Calvino writes "about" magic, quantum physics, elemental beings, languages, histories, scientists, banquets, and distant galaxies, through objects, desire, memory, longing, rhythm and confusion.

"Conjure" is about pleasure, dwelling in the physicality of utterance, images and dancing rhythms; in the evoking aspect of text & texture. In this thick sonic stew lie assorted tidbits ("all ladles a lulu"). Individual ingredients are not so exotic: they all come from the supermarket of the Avant-garde. Is it music or sound poetry or just a personal blend that conjures up something other? "Step right up......"