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William Morelock: Sims Serenade (1992)

(p) 1992 William Morelock. All rights reserved.

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WILLIAM MORELOCK (Minneapolis, MN ) a producer and classical music host at KWSU-FM in Pullman, Washington from 1982 to 1987, when he was appointed to the newly established position of arts programming coordinator. Incorporating features on arts and entertainment into his classical music show, Morelock developed what can now be heard as "Bob and Bill" -- a daily National Public Radio program produced by Minnesota Public Radio, where "Bill" now works. Morelock has produced five works for NEW AMERICAN RADIO: Sim's Serenade (1992), Short Summer in Longhurst (1992), Pruning (1991), Saturday, Late in the Twentieth Century (1990), and Proposition Four (1989).

        Short Summer in Longhurst 

Four young people in search of a comedy of manners get caught up in a succession of plot conventions and verbal repartees straight out of S.N. Behrman or Philip Barry. Set on the estate of lumber baron R. George Fellows, the play follows the no-nonsense Laura, slothful Tom, the skeptical and exquisitely bored Regis, and sweet little rich girl Winnie as they come to terms with their meaning as characters in a world perpetually in love and perpetually at odds with privilege. A meddlesome Chorus encourages, censures, supports, chides, and occasionally calls up the characters in the midst of the action to give unsolicited advice.