Don Joyce: Get Your Own Show!

© Don Joyce 1994. All rights reserved

Over the Edge would never have achieved its present level of adeptness if it had not had years to develop and evolve subtle themes which would never occur as anyone's first choice, returning casts of characters, regular "features", a whole fictional network called The Universal Media Netweb, and countless interrelated "plots" and fantasies which develop over time. And just when all that becomes too familiar, we can pull a complete hoax and pretend to replace Over The Edge with some other show entirely. All this depends on the ability to play with regularity, the key to understanding the effects of all transmission media. Being somewhat interactive in unfamiliar ways, Over The Edge, in particular, requires a regularly scheduled slot which listeners can become acquainted with and, over time, explore their own ways to develop an interactive relationship with it. Such potentials are not always fulfilled, but are important potentials to hold out, and there is always next week... Thus I repeat: GET YOUR OWN SHOW.