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Don Joyce and Negativland: Guns! (1989)

(p) 1988 Don Joyce and Negativland. All rights reserved.

A dense, pulsing "action song," whose verses deal with America's intimate relationship with firearms: "The gun and the Bible carved this nation out of the wilderness," a man exclaims. A tradition unfolds that links the voices of the past as we know them through television cowboy movies and gangster films, to the modern Annie-Get-Your-Gun, the business woman of the 'eighties with her handy sub-machine gun. An evolving patchwork of movie excerpts and TV ads, statements and information about guns, and of certain phrases repeated like bullets.

Commissioned by NEW AMERICAN RADIO.

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Advertising Secrets (1991)

A dynamic blend of rhythmic elements and original audio constructs -- actual ad jingles, lines and phrases -- commentary by and about advertisers -- books on tape materials about how commercials are conceived and created -- plus various out-takes from commercial productions which depict the sophisticated process (and elaborate cynicism) of the professionals involved. "My motivation is to inspect and depict some of the paradoxical aspects of media advertisement which both attract and repel me as an artist in America -- a society whose entire economic well being rests solely on consumerism and the need to manufacture want." (Don Joyce)
Commissioned by NEW AMERICAN RADIO.

Time Zones (1990)

A radio talk-show approach to the question: how many time zones are there in the Soviet Union?