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Rinde Eckert: Four Songs Lost in a Wall (1995)

(p) 1995 Rinde Eckert. All rights reserved.

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RINDE ECKERT (Nyack, New York) is a singer, writer, composer, actor, and director known internationally for the remarkable flexibility and inventiveness of his singing voice. His solo pieces and collaborations with other composers, dancers, and musicians have been performed throughout North America and abroad. Long celebrated for his performances in multi-media with the Paul Dresher Ensemble and the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, his more recent work as a solo artist had also attracted considerable attention. John Rockwell, critic for the New York Times has described Eckert as "the most exciting performance artist this writer has encountered since the early days of Laurie Anderson."

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Cold War Diary (1990)

A thought-travelogue. Somewhere in Europe a woman stands at her hotel window. She looks out over a public square, contemplates the monuments, writes mental postcards, and more importantly, asks about a person apparently missing. An intriguing blend of new music/audio art and performance.