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Sheila Davies: What Is the Matter
in Amy Glennon? (1989)

(p) 1989 Sheila Davies. All rights reserved.

"A magnificent postmodern alchemical opus, the story of Amy Glennon who faces the dark ground of herself and thereby transmutes her bitterness into wisdom, who unites her matter and mind, and who redeems a human soul from the body of a putrefying snake -- all toward the fruitful marriage of pure science and mythological philosophy." (from the work).

Commissioned by NEW AMERICAN RADIO.

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SHEILA DAVIES (Berkeley, CA) studied short story writing at the University of Oregon, San Francisco State University, and Mills College. She is a past member of the vocal trio Girls Looking for Husbands. Her work as an experimental writer, singer, and radio producer has been aired on KPFA (Berkeley), and through National Public Radio. Together with her husband, graphic designer Patrick Sumner, Davies also created One of One, (Burning Books), an art book in magazine form. She has completed two works for NEW AMERICAN RADIO: What Is the Matter in Amy Glennon? (1989) and The Opponent's Queen: Detail (1990).

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The Opponent's Queen: Detail (1990)

A strategy of moves between two players who are interested in preserving passion through competition. Speculations, emotions and philosophies are developed through meetings and endings as the opponents struggle to maintain their highest forms. Derived from the epistolary novel, The Opponent's Queen, written in collaboration with Melody Sumner Carnahan.