Art Radio Perishes in Los Angeles Media Purge

The untimely and tragic termination of art radio in southern California took place in 1995 after a brave struggle for survival. The death certificate was signed by Mark Schubb, newly appointed General Manager at KPFK-FM, Pacifica radio, Los Angeles. The cause of death as stated by Schubb was the failure of artists and their audiences to make substantial enough payments to the station to merit their continued life on the air.

Soundings' long list of guest interviews and live performances featured an impressive array of talent including Rachel Rosenthal, Lee Breuer and Bob Telson, Spalding Gray, David Moss, Terry Allen, Rinde Eckert, John Fleck, Anna Homler, David Antin, Keith Antar Mason, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Larry Miller and William de Ridder, Harold Budd, and many many more. Also featured were works from the New American Radio series.